• Hosted historically-themed walks, talks, and historical dramatic performances in and around the Park.
  • Organised a History Exhibition in Shirley Parish Hall (May 2009).
  • Started the Shirley Heritage Project, with HLF funding, to record oral histories of people’s memories of the local area.
  • St.James’ Park history featured in double-page article in the Daily Echo (17th October 2009 – see our Press page).
  • Extended the History Pages on our website to include Your Stories (2009).
  • Organised an initial series of public history talks as part of the Shirley Heritage Project (October 2009 to March 2010), followed by four further series (October 2010 to March 2011, October to December 2011, October to December 2012, October to December 2013).
  • Organised Group Tours to Southampton City Council Archives and Local Studies’ Library (December 2009 & January 2010).
  • Contributed to Southampton City Council Conservation Team’s “St.James’ Road Conservation Area” document (2009).
  • Established the FoSJP History Research group for local people interested in local history (April 2010).
  • Produced a series of FoSJP “Shirley Heritage Project Newsletters” (March 2010, October 2010, April 2011, April 2012, October 2012, April 2013, October 2013, April 2014).
  • Taken the FoSJP History Display to local schools (June 2010, June 2013), a local residents street party (July 2010), the Southampton History Fair (April 2011), the Foyes Corner Festival (May 2011), and the Shirley Women’s Institute (February 2012).
  • Organised Make Do and Mend, a series of craft and sewing classes with the aim of passing on skills and memories from older to younger generations (October 2011 to July 2012).
  • Organised an educational Medicinal and Edible Plants walk and talk in St.James’ Park (July 2012).
  • Held a Tudor Costume workshop to support Southampton’s Tudor Revels project (September 2012).
  • Held an educational workshop for children at St.James’ Park (May 2013).
  • Held an Oral History Project workshop at St.James’ Park (February 2014).
  • Organised an Edwardian Photography Studio event at St.James’ Park (February 2014).
  • Hosted a special Afternoon Tea for Oral History Project interviewees at the ParkLife Café in St.James’ Park (April 2014).


Visit our History pages to find out more about our history‑related activities.

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