Shirley Local History Group – Autumn 2016 Public History Talk #3


Public History Talk #3 – Sunday 4th December 2016

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Bursledon Brickworks


“Twenty Million Bricks: The History of Bursledon Brickworks”

Carolyne Haynes of Bursledon Brickworks took the audience on a journey of discovery, not only on the history of the Brickworks, but also on the history of brick production and usage in England.‎

The audience learnt about the changes from wattle and daub houses to timber and eventually brick (introduced by the Romans). This was an absolutely fascinating talk that gave valuable insights into British architecture.

FoSJP members will be learning more about the Brickworks when they visit in April 2017 on a group excursion.

Liz Webb of the Shirley Local History Research Group also brought along a display of photos of Bursledon Brickwork Company (BBC) bricks found in walls in Shirley.Michaela Lawler‑Levene explained that prior to being Shirley Recreation Ground, St.James’ Park was a gravel pit run by George Harris, who also owned a brickworks in Shirley (situated near where Dawlish Avenue is today). When he died in 1906, a representative from Bursledon Brickworks attended his funeral. The St.James’ Park History Book also features a photo, donated by the late Mrs Freda Hancock, of workers in the old Coxford Brickworks.

In addition to the talk, festive cakes were baked, served, and much appreciated. Christmas hampers were also raffled. Thanks go to the many people who donated food and drink prizes and baskets (and especially to Madge Heath who turned them into the most amazing hampers). Thanks also go to Ivy Man from Kumon English and Maths tutoring in St.James’ Park, who donated a pampering hamper.

Also available at this talk were art prints and cards by local artists, and of course copies of the St.James’ Park History Book.

Thank you to all our volunteers and audience who have made this eighth series of public history talks such a success.

A feedback questionnaire was completed by the audience, the results of which will used to plan future talks.


Shirley Local History Group – Autumn 2016 Public History Talk #3
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