Plant Party in the Park


Plant Party in the Park – Sunday 23rd June 2013


Despite the blustery weather more suited to March, hundreds of people came to St.James’ Park to take part in a Plant Party to celebrate the coming of summer!

The Hampshire‑based Voxpop Choir entertained us from underneath the Gazebo with a selection of songs both old and new, whilst families relaxed on the grass. Visitors were also able to take part in a variety of plant‑related activities:

  • A team of teenage volunteers were on hand to paint flowers, bees, and butterflies onto faces and hands.
  • For Make a Garden on a Biscuit, materials were provided for young visitors to design their own miniature gardens by decorating biscuits with green icing and cake decorations (and then to eat them!).
  • Leaf Trail kept older children busy around the Park.
  • The FoSJP Gardening Team was on hand for Plant a Seed in which children could plant their own sunflower seeds to take home with them.
  • The adults tested their knowledge with a fun plant‑based quiz.
  • Mayfield Nurseries were on hand to sell a variety of plants.
  • Wild plant expert Celia Cox led a Wildflower Walk and Talk around the Park.



Plant-Based Quiz


If you missed the Plant Party in the Park but would still like to try our Plant-Based Quiz, click the icon to the left to download it.

When you’ve had a go (no cheating now), click here to download the answers.

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Plant Party in the Park
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