Autumn Family Fun


Autumn Family Fun – Saturday 1st October 2011

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The Ukofonics entertain the crowd at St.James’ Park


FoSJP helped welcome autumn to St.James’ Park with an Autumn Family Fun event in unseasonably hot sunshine on one of the warmest October days on record.

Visitors were entertained by the Ukofonics who brought their lively ukulele music and song to the park, playing on the decking outside theParkLife Café. Many people enjoyed sitting in the sun or under the shade of the palm trees, tapping their toes to the music.

In the Tennis Courts a number of art and craft activities, all free of charge, were provided for children of all ages, with a wonderful selection of autumn‑themed creations being worn, exhibited, and taken home by their creators.

On the FoSJP Membership stall, newly signed‑up members were able to participate in a Guess the Weight competition for a magnificent marrow: congratulations to Henry Cheung who won a basket of seasonal fruit for his accurate estimation skills!

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Solar cells working overtime in the background!

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15.2 kilos (33lb 8oz in old money!)


To increase children’s familiarity with some of the beautiful colours and natural beauties of the season, leaves and grasses were used to decorate crowns and bangles. Leaf rubbings helped children to see the intricacies of leaf structures, and apple halves and leaf-shaped sponges dipped in coloured paints were used to create wonderful autumn pictures. More autumn creativity was enabled with badges to be made and autumn‑themed colouring pictures.



Children enjoyed creating sculptures with modelling clay, and some fantastic models were produced, with the sunshine helping to dry the clay quickly so that the models could be taken home and painted.


An autumn trail had been laid around the park which allowed those taking part to learn about the variety of plants within the park and the seasonal colours and highlights that can be enjoyed.

As has become a tradition at FoSJP events, our brilliant army of bakers provided a fantastic selection of homemade cakes and biscuits that were snapped up to be eaten in the park with a nice cup of tea or taken home for a later treat, and freshly cooked hot dogs were on offer from ParkLife.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]With a large number of people of all ages enjoying the park on this lovely sunny day, the Autumn Family Fun event provided a little extra something to help people appreciate and enjoy their afternoon in St.James’ Park.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped prepare, cater for, run, and clear away after this event!


Autumn Family Fun
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