• What used to be here?

    The Young Play Area is located on the site of the old Children’s Playground and what used to the Rose Garden, except for the area of the Rose Garden that is now part of the Botanical Walk.

  • What’s here now?

    The Young Play Area is enclosed in dog‑proof fencing, and comprises two parts.

    The southern part has 4 benches, 2 litter bins, and a range of play features:

    • Extensive play towers with rope bridges and large slides;
    • Swings: cradle, toddler, and children’s;
    • Toddler play hut with ramp and small slide;
    • Second toddler play hut;
    • Mini roundabout;
    • Trampoline;
    • Bouncy belt bridge;
    • 5 timber balance beams;
    • Sandpit;
    • Water play feature with 2 press taps, a dam, a pool, and a drain plug;
    • “Embankment” slide running into the water pool.

    The northern part mostly comprises a flat grass area with 3 benches, a litter bin, 3 grassed “Teletubby” mounds, and 6 new trees.

    We hope to get 3 picnic benches installed here in the future.

    Occupying both parts of the Young Play Area, to the west is a 50m zipwire, running from a high platform in the southern part to a landing zone in the northern part.

  • Why was it designed this way?

    The range of equipment was selected after many consultations with local schoolchildren and residents, and is intended to appeal to a wide range of age groups.

    Originally a set of large swings was installed in the southern part, but after listening to feedback from the parents that there wasn’t enough equipment for younger children, Southampton City Council arranged for these swings to be replaced by a second toddler hut and a trampoline, and also to increase the area of rubberised safety surface.

  • Using this area

    Dogs, alcohol, and bicycles are strictly prohibited in this area.

BEFORE – Playground, September 2010
(Helen Hazlewood)

AFTER – Young Play Area – Play Towers, July 2011
(Michaela Lawler‑Levene)

AFTER – Young Play Area – Zipwire, July 2011
(Michaela Lawler‑Levene)

AFTER – Young Play Area – Toddler Section, November 2011
(Martin Gardner)