…to FoSJP and the ParkLife Café in St.James’ Park

That was the message ‎shared on Saturday 23rd January 2016 when Community Volunteer Coordinator Marina Murphy and FoSJP Treasurer Joanne Clements hosted a volunteers’ social event which had kindly been organised by Julie Catling in the ParkLife Community Room.

The evening celebration also marked the beginning of FoSJP‘s 10th year anniversary.

Volunteers were represented from many areas of FoSJP‘s activities in and around the Park – Events, Gardening, Maintenance Support, Shirley Local History, Children’s Crafts, Dog Behaviour Lessons, Community Games, Sports Clubs, Public Talks, and running the FoSJP voluntary organisation and the ParkLife Community Interest Company (CIC).

From accounting, baking, and bunting making to raking leaves, running a company, or serving tea, everyone’s voluntary time is making this well‑used Shirley park a better place. FoSJP and ParkLife volunteers donate about 240 hours a month towards their community; we currently have about 60 volunteers.