Most of the photographs below were taken from the beds sown at the Wordsworth Road end of the bank. These beds are south‑facing, towards the noon sun, but they do benefit from a little shade from the trees along Wordsworth Road. This is a small area, but as can be seen from the photographs, a variety of flowers have survived and flourished. Not only did the Wordsworth Road end support wildflowers, but grasshoppers have also been spotted amongst the flowers, which is really encouraging for wildlife.

The second bed, at the St.James’ Road end of the bank, is also south‑facing but is more exposed to the sun then the Wordsworth Road end, with no shade from trees. The early sunshine in June 2009 (if you remember that heatwave?) produced a drought effect on this bank, and the flowers have suffered as a result of this. You can see from two of the photographs that the grass is brown and there is little evidence of any flowers.

The plugs planted in October 2008 did manage to flower (thank goodness, after all that hard work!). However, these were also somewhat limited by the dry conditions.

Photos courtesy of Michaela Lawler‑Levene