Carl at work in the ParkLife Café

Well Done Carl…!

On Saturday 15th September 2012, Carl Harvey worked his last shift at the ParkLife Café before moving onto a new job at the Olive Tree Restaurant in Southampton. Carl’s story is a real success for the restoration & improvement project, and stands for everything we have been trying to achieve.

Carl, 21, is father of Mia Louise, aged 19 months, and partner to Holly. Although originally from Shirley, the family were offered accommodation near Bursledon, which meant that Carl has been balancing the job, new parenthood, and lots of travel by public transport over the past two years.

Carl shares a little of his story…

“I came to the park from Job Seekers and started first working with the construction company, Graham Moyse, who were doing up the park. I was taken on as a labourer and had to do the lifting and general odd jobs. When I first came to the park it was a construction site: open ground, lots of holes, and some foundations had been laid. I enjoyed working with the builders: it was good experience, but I was worried about being laid off if I put a foot wrong: builders can let people go and I really needed the job. I had been so down before I got the job in the park and I really wanted to keep it.”

“After the building project finished, everyone seemed pleased with my work and I was managed to get a job in the Café. I was over the moon, very happy. The best bits of working here have been the lovely staff, the lovely community, and all the experience I’ve gained.”

“Now I’m going to work at the Olive Tree Restaurant and I’ll be preparing starters and desserts in an established restaurant. I’ve already worked a couple of shifts and I really like it. I’ve been taught to cook since I was the age of 12: I’d always wanted to do it, but I didn’t think it would actually happen to me.”

“I would really like to say thank you to everyone for this opportunity and I’ll be available for staff socials!”

Carl Harvey, aged 21, 15th September 2012

If you’re a customer of the Café and have a message of support which might help Carl with job hunting in the future, we’ll ensure that it gets passed on.