• What used to be here?

    There used to be a flat grass area to the north of the building.

  • What’s here now?

    There are now two modern asphalt tennis courts, in two‑tone green, fully fenced in.

  • Why was it designed this way?

    The original tennis courts were popular, despite their poor quality. Grass courts are very expensive to maintain and it’s difficult to keep a consistent bounce, so a modern asphalt surface was selected.

  • Historical Connections

    Tennis courts have been in St.James’ Park as far back as the 1930s, as shown on an Ordnance Survey map from 1933.

  • Using this Area

    There is no booking system for the Tennis Courts: simply come along and wait your turn to play.

    • In busy times, when other people are waiting to play, please limit your play to 30 minutes maximum;
    • Do not ride bicycles, scooters, etc. in the Tennis Courts area;
    • Do not sit on the tennis nets; it damages both the nets and net posts and reduces the usability of this facility.


    If the 30‑minute limit in busy times is not kept, then a booking system might have to be imposed.

BEFORE – Grass Area to north of Building, March 2010
(Geoff Gravelson)

AFTER – New Tennis Courts, July 2011
Bonus points for identifying ex-British No.1 player!
(photo by Martin Caveney)