• What used to be here?

    The Park was enclosed by original Edwardian railings, with two entrances in addition to the North‑West Entrance described above:

    • The West (Wordsworth Road) Entrance, with double gates and a set of brick steps leading up from the Central Pitch;
    • The South (Church Street) Entrance, which had no gates and had one gatepost missing.
  • What’s here now?

    • The Park Perimeter is largely unchanged, apart from minor rearrangements of the railings around the North‑West and South‑East entrances, and refurbishment of railings including re‑painting and replacement of many sections;
    • The West Entrance’s brickwork has been refurbished;
    • The South Entrance has been refurbished with new railing posts;
    • A new South‑East Entrance has been created, with Yorkstone steps, brick retaining walls, and brick pillars, leading up to the St.James’ Road pedestrian crossing.
  • Why was it designed this way?

    • Apart from refurbishment where necessary, it was decided to retain the character of the perimeter of the Park;
    • The brick pillars at the new South‑East Entrance are designed to be similar to those at the entrance to St.James’ Church across the road, using bricks to match the nearby houses in Church Street.
  • Using this area

    • Only delivery and maintenance vehicles are allowed to drive through the South Entrance;
    • Do not park vehicles across the South Entrance;
    • Please use the entrances to the Park instead of jumping over railings, which has been the cause of several serious injuries in the Park’s history!

AFTER – SE Entrance, April 2012
(Nichola Caveney)