• What used to be here?

    The Gazebo is located in what used to be the empty north‑east corner of the old Rose Garden.

  • What’s here now?

    The Gazebo is located at the north end of the Botanical Walk, where it opens out onto the Central Pitch’s south pathway. Constructed of galvanized steel, it rests upon two arcs of concrete ring beam with a polished seating surface, and supports 12 panels of photovoltaic cells which provide electricity that’s taken back to the ParkLife Building. Underneath the Gazebo is a central design with the lyrics from the chorus of “Parklife” by Blur.

  • Why was it designed this way?

    Before the tender for the restoration and improvement works went out, two options had been considered: a traditional timber gazebo with a pitched roof, and a modern metal structure whose shape would reflect the “wing” shape of the roof extension to the building. The metal structure was the best option suitable to support photovoltaic cells.

    Photovoltaic cells have been installed to reflect a commitment to being energy conscious, saving energy and using renewable energy where possible, and to encourage others to do likewise.

    See our Energy in the Park page for more information on the photovoltaic cells and other energy‑saving measures in the Park.

    The chorus of “Parklife” reflects FoSJP’s intention to bring everyone in the community together.

  • Historical Connections

    In the original Shirley Recreation Ground plans from c.1910, a bandstand was planned in roughly the same location as the Gazebo, but was never built.

AFTER – Gazebo, from within Young Play Area, July 2011
(Martin Caveney)

AFTER – Parklife lyrics underneath Gazebo, July 2011
(Michaela Lawler‑Levene)