An important strand of FoSJP‘s mission statement is environmental development, and we’ve been actively seeking ways to improve the environment of St.James’ Park since FoSJP was established in 2006.

In March 2016, as part of the nationwide Clean for the Queen campaign, FoSJP organised, with help from Southampton City Council, a litter pick in and around St.James’ Park and the neighbouring Shirley Estate. A team of 7 picked litter along Stratton Road for an hour and collected 11 bags of rubbish plus old plastic toys and a mattress.

Thank you to those that helped, for making a difference.

Some of the pickings
(Photos courtesy of Marina Murphy, far left, and Alison Ayres, left to right)

In June 2013 FoSJP celebrated the coming of summer by organising a Plant Party in the Park event in St.James’ Park with help from the FoSJP Gardening Team. Wild plant expert Celia Cox led a Wildflower Walk and Talk around the Park.

In November 2012, FoSJP organised another Autumn Bulb Plant event in St.James’ Park with help from the FoSJP Gardening Team.

In August 2011, following completion of the Restoration & Improvement project, FoSJP set up a Gardening Team to encourage volunteers to get involved in helping Southampton City Council to maintain and further improve the planting in St.James’ Park, including restoration of the Local Floral Nature Reserve.

One of the aims of the Restoration & Improvement project in St.James’ Park in 2010‑2011 was to maximise sustainabilty of the Park’s environment. Visit our Energy in the Park page to discover what measures were taken.

In October 2009, FoSJP supported a team of local schoolchildren who organised a Green Nose Day event at St.James’ Park to raise awareness of environmental issues, in particular amongst the younger generations.

In May and October 2008, FoSJP organised two wildflower planting events in order to create a Local Floral Nature Reserve on the north bank below Winchester Road. As part of that initiative, we added a Wildflower Guide page to our website where you can find out about the types of flowers that were planted. Unfortunately many of these plants were dug out during the landscaping works carried out during the Restoration & Improvement project in 2010‑2011, but the FoSJP Gardening Team has been working to restore them.

In 2007, through FoSJP’s efforts, St.James’ Park was awarded a BBC Breathing Places grant of £10,000, which FoSJP used to encourage the diversity of wildlife in the Park. See our Nature in the Park page to find out more about this initiative, and FoSJP’s related Breathing Places events.

In October 2006, FoSJP started the environmental ball rolling by organising a Bulb Planting event in the Park, followed in November 2006 by a Clean‑up Morning to prepare the Park for the coming winter.

For more information about the environment and related activities in St.James’ Park, contact our Environment Coordinator, Tania Emery, via