• What used to be here?

    The Central Pitch was bounded on west, north, and east sides by asphalt pathways with benches and bins.

  • What’s here now?

    The Central Pitch has been retained, with a small reduction to accommodate a new asphalt pathway running across its south side. Worn‑out benches have been replaced with new ones, and bins have replaced. The west, north, and east pathways have been resurfaced with bonded gravel, and distance markers have been added for runners and joggers.

  • Why was it designed this way?

    We wanted to keep the Central Pitch largely unchanged, as an open area for free use to complement the more structured play facilities offered in the park’s play areas.

  • Historical Connections

    Older residents have reported that in World War II there were Andersen shelters built into the west bank; we’re hoping to find documentary evidence of this.

  • Using this area

    • Please make sure that you clean up after your dogs;
    • Please dispose of all litter in the bins provided or take it home with you.

BEFORE – Central Pitch, September 2009
(Helen Hazlewood)

AFTER – Central Pitch, April 2012
(Nichola Caveney)