FoSJP’s First Birthday Party – History Quiz – May 2007

(David Wheatley, FoSJP photographer)

On the back of the flyers for the FoSJP First Birthday Party in May 2007 was a History Quiz, based on information found in Bob Grice’s Collection which he kindly donated to us at ourReminiscence Day event in May 2006.

Congratulations to the winners – Aimee Loretto and Val Aston – who can be seen here receiving their prizes from Michaela Lawler-Levene of FoSJP:

  • Free annual membership of FoSJP
  • A £5 refreshments voucher to spend in the FoSJP Kiosk

Thanks to all of you who took part – we hope you enjoyed it!

Here are the questions again, this time with the answers shown in bold:

  1. St.James’ Park was known as what?
    1. Shirley Recreation Ground
    2. Shirley Football Pitch
    3. Shirley Field
  2. What was the name of St.James’ Road in 1850?
    • Pound Road
  3. Was St.James’ Park any of the following?
    1. A gravel pit
    2. A corn field
    3. A nursery
    4. A sand pit
  4. Wordsworth Road used to be called which of the following?
    1. Winchester Street
    2. Church Avenue
    3. Park Road
  5. From the First World War the home football team ‘Shirley Wanderers’ played at St.James’ Park. What colours did they play in?
    1. red and white
    2. blue and white
    3. yellow and white
  6. What was the name of the railway company who almost built a railway station near St.James’ Park?
    1. London and Southern Railway Company
    2. London and Southampton Railway Company
    3. Didcot, Newbury, and Southampton Railway Company
  7. The grounds of St.James’ Park were bought from Mr George Harris ‘for the children of Shirley’ in which year?
    1. March 1907
    2. August 1908
    3. December 1909