• What used to be here?

    The new Botanical Walk runs up what used to be the eastern side of the old Rose Garden, bounded by a yew hedge to the east.

    Sadly, during the restoration and improvement works it was discovered that three of the mature flowering cherry trees, which we’d hoped to keep, were suffering from terminal fungal diseases; these had to be removed, but a total of 19 new cherry trees were planted.

  • What’s here now?

    The Botanical Walk runs in a south‑north direction from the Café Plaza up to the south pathway to the Central Pitch, with planting beds and flowering trees to both east and west, and a new yew hedge to the west. It has a natural Yorkstone finish, bordered with strips of resin bound gravel and aluminium plant bed edging, with black wrought iron benches and bins located on both sides.

    Where the Botanical Walk meets the Central Pitch’s south pathway, it spreads out in a trapezoid shape, in the middle of which is a Gazebo, with further planting beds and timber benches laid out perpendicularly to the west and east of the main Botanical Walk.To the west of the Gazebo is a drinking fountain. Two thirds of the way up the Botanical Walk is a small crossroads, with a self closing gate to the west into the Young Play Area, and an open entrance to the east into the Games Area.

  • Using this area

    • Please keep your dog on a lead and under control in this area, to help protect the plants.
    • Please do not ride bicycles, scooters, etc. up the Botanical Walk.
    • Please do not draw on the Yorkstone paving, even with chalk.

    We’re hoping in future to install display boards explaining the various plants that have been chosen for the Botanical Walk.

    FoSJP has also started up a Gardening Team to look after and add to the plants in the Botanical Walk.

BEFORE – Rose Garden (from W), September 2009
(Helen Hazlewood)

AFTER – Botanical Walk (from S), July 2011
(Michaela Lawler‑Levene)