Birds, Boxes, and Biscuits – March 2008

To kick-start the BBC Breathing Places initiative, FoSJP organised a Birds, Boxes, and Biscuits event in March 2008. Find out more here.

Bird Survey around St.James’ Park – Monday 14th April 2008

Following on from the Birds, Boxes, and Biscuits event in March 2008, the Southampton District Bird Group conducted a bird survey within and around the Park, to help us with our BBC Breathing Places work, using a combination of visual identification and bird songs.

The following birds were identified within and immediately around the Park:

In gardens around the Park there were:

Flying behind the Winchester Road area (in the direction of Lordsdale Greenways) there were:

Use the links to find out more about each bird from the RSPB website, including birdsong recordings.

Our expert said that it was clear that the birds enjoyed the garden environments surrounding the Park. We hope through the small additions that are made in the Park to encourage birds within the Park itself. Our thanks go to the Southampton District Bird Group for this valuable input.

Bird Boxes

FoSJP set up several bird boxes set up around the Park, including one with an in-box infra-red camera (footage from which appears in monochrome).

The series of videos on the right shows the outside of the birdbox, and the feeding station, and then a sequence of our resident female Great Tit raising a family throughout the spring of 2009:

  • March – Sizing up the place, building a nest, and applying the finishing touches.
  • April – Incubating her clutch of eggs.
  • May/June – Feeding a hungry and growing family.
  • June – The family starts to explore the outside world – even the littlest one flies the nest!

These bird boxes were taken down in September 2010 during the restoration and improvement works in the Park; now that these works are completed, we plan to re‑establish bird boxes in new locations.