Wednesday 2nd January

Four of us came and made a very encouraging impact on the park!  We were also encouraged by a visit from Nigel Fullbrook, our Council supervisor, who is doing good things on our behalf.  Congratulations are in order to Nigel’s predecessor, Simon Buston, who has received further promotion even since he left us in the autumn.

Red hot poker ( Kniphofia) plants were dug up and divided so that they are spread into many more areas of the park for us to enjoy in the summer.  The beautiful ornamental grasses had their winter trim.  Leaves were cleared and gathered and more weeding done. Five Lonicera Baggeson’s gold and Canna bulbs were planted to enhance the border.

Wednesday 9th January (report by Nigel; pictures courtesy of Bruce)

5 members of the garden team enjoyed a cold but sunny session in the Park today.

More plants were split and replanted, more leaves were tidied and collected, more leaf mould was dug out and added to the trough planters around the café.  A replacement wheel has been purchased for the wheel barrow, to replace the current flat tyre, which will be repaired and kept as a spare. 2 new brooms have also been purchased, together with a sheet of d.p.c. plastic sheet, with the aim of lining the leaf bins to act as a barrier to the tree roots.

Tea and mince pies, from Marina, were enjoyed by the crew at the end of work.