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Craft & Sewing Classes - October 2011 to July 2012

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Updated: 29th August 2012

As one of the Shirley Heritage Project's inter-generational projects, FoSJP organised a year's worth of craft and sewing classes, aimed at all abilities, with a modern twist on World War II's "Make Do and Mend" approach to home crafts.

Fees were £6 per session (£5 for concessions and FoSJP members), paid for in 6‑week blocks.

Two free places on each session were also made available to those with World War II "Make Do and Mend" experiences to share.


All sessions were held on Mondays, 1.00pm - 3.00pm, in the ParkLife Community Room at St.James' Park.

Autumn 2011 31st October - 12th December Making Jewellery
Spring 2012 9th January - 26th March Mending & Darning Clothes
Summer 2012 16th April - 16th July Sewing Machine Skills

For more information about this course, please contact course tutor Hilary Moore on 023 8070 4441 or via

This course was part‑funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

What did we do?

Updated: 12th May 2012

Spring Term - Mending & Darning Clothes - Lesson 1

Those people attending the first class of the Spring Term were in for a surprise treat when FoSJP member Richard Sawyer popped along to the ParkLife Community Room bringing with him a spinning wheel. Richard demonstrated how to spin the raw wool and yes, we were allowed to have a go! If FoSJP ever decides to have an event with traditional crafts in St.James' Park, Richard might be persuaded to bring his spinning wheel along.

Students also learnt how to darn a hole in socks or tights and how to sew a broken strap to a child's dress.

See our FoSJP step‑by‑step guide on how to darn a hole.

Like the look of the class? Come and join us!

Autumn Term - Making Jewellery

Here are some examples of the fine jewellery work produced by this term's attendees:

jewellery photo jewellery photo jewellery photo jewellery photo jewellery photo jewellery photo

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