FoSJP's Achievements

Friends of St.James' Park

Updated: 12th July 2014

Visit our FoSJP page for information on becoming a member of FoSJP.

Community Involvement

Updated: 12th July 2014

Organised a series of public events in the Park:

Visit our Past Events page for full details of these and other events.

Interaction with Other Organisations

Updated: 12th July 2014


Updated: 13th December 2014

Improvements to St.James' Park

Updated: 15th July 2013

Visit our Restoration & Improvement page to find out more about the restoration and improvement works.


Updated: 12th July 2014

Visit our History pages to find out more about our history‑related activities.


Updated: 1st August 2017

Visit our Awards page for more details and pictures of these awards.

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