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Picture of St.James' Park before restoration

St.James' Park pre-restoration
(David Wheatley, FoSJP photographer)

Picture of St.James' Park after restoration

St.James' Park post-restoration, July 2011
(Michaela Lawler‑Levene)

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Updated: 13th November 2011

How did it all start?

A group of local residents formed the Friends of St.James' Park (FoSJP) in January 2006 to help improve St.James' Park for the community. The formal launch of FoSJP in April 2006 was a great success, and we now have a membership base of over 450 people - the largest group of its type in Southampton.

Click here to find out about FoSJP membership and how to join us.

What does FoSJP do?

FoSJP organises community events and campaigns for better facilities; its overall aim is to work towards creating a park that will best serve the various needs of all our community.

FoSJP's Mission Statement
To celebrate and enhance the life of our park and its community through social, environmental, and economic development.

Working closely with Southampton City Council, in October 2009 we were awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant which by July 2011 transformed the Park: providing a café, community room, new entrances, botanical and scenic walks, new landscaping, and new play facilities for children and adults.

Visit our Restoration & Improvement page for more information on how the Park was changed.

ParkLife Community Interest Company

In order to run the new café and community room in the Park, in November 2010 FoSJP established ParkLife, a community interest company through which the trading activities of FoSJP will be conducted as a social enterprise, with any profits being reinvested into the Park and the local community. ParkLife started trading on 1st April 2011 and the café opened for business on 15th July 2011.

Apart from ParkLife Café staff and our Community Volunteer Coordinator, everybody working for FoSJP and ParkLife is a volunteer.

FoSJP Membership

Updated: 3rd June 2017

For a nominal sum, you can become a member of FoSJP and keep up to date with developments and events via our regular newsletter.

Last year's annual memberships expired on 31st March - options for 2017‑2018 are still:

If you have any questions about FoSJP membership, please email us at

We look forward to you joining us - the more members we have, then the more we can do in the future for the Park!

How You Can Get Involved

Updated: 19th April 2010

If you'd like to take an active part, we're always glad to get offers of help - with the planning and running of events, providing refreshments, fundraising, gardening, or general administration work.

To find out more, please contact us or speak to any of the Committee.

The FoSJP Committee

Updated: 3rd June 2017

The purpose of the FoSJP Committee is to develop, oversee, coordinate, and support activities in St.James' Park.

ChairNigel Fayle EnvironmentMike Sanderman
Vice ChairFrances Churchward EventsCindy Phillips
SecretaryMarty Climenhaga Events & Social MediaHilde Gronsberg
TreasurerJoanne Clements Maintenance TeamMike Page
Membership SecretaryJulie Catling

Each Committee member commits to 2 hours per week spent organising, coordinating, and participating in activities, plus attending Committee meetings which are held once every 6 weeks in the evening.

To find out more about the FoSJP Committee and how you might be able to contribute to either FoSJP or ParkLife, please contact us via

FoSJP Special General Meeting - Tuesday 28th November 2017

Updated: 1st January 2018

FoSJP held a Special General Meeting at the ParkLife Community Room to discuss a proposal from the FoSJP Committee that FoSJP become a registered charity (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) with a wider membership.

Proposals for updated Objectives and a new Constitution were emailed to existing FoSJP members and are presented below - the deadline for raising any objections to these was Sunday 31st December 2017.

Proposed Objectives

To further or benefit the local residents of St.James' Park and wider communities of Southampton, by associating together the said residents and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort of improving the conditions of life for the residents. To undertake charitable purposes aimed at:
  • The advancement of citizenship or community development
  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of arts, culture and heritage
  • The advancement of amateur sport
  • The advancement of environmental protection or improvement
  • The relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage
  • Any other charitable purpose
To maintain or manage or co-operate with Southampton City Council in the maintenance and management of community activities promoted by the charity in furtherance of the above objectives.

The Objectives have been written based upon the Charity Commission's guidance. We have kept the Objectives as broad as possible in order not to limit our scope too much. Rob Kurn, from Southampton Voluntary Services, who has been supporting us with the writing of the Constitution, has advised us that the Objectives do meet the requirements of the Charity Commission.

Proposed Constitution

Click here to download proposed Constitution As advised by the Charity Commission, we have adhered to the template for a Charitable Organisation with (free) Wider Membership provided by the Charity Commission.

Click on the image, left, to download the proposed Constitution.

FoSJP AGM 2017 - Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Updated: 3rd June 2017

FoSJP held its eleventh Annual General Meeting at the ParkLife Community Room at St.James' Park on Tuesday 23rd May 2017.

We'd like to thank Michaela Lawler-Levene (History Coordinator) who has stepped down from the Committee after nearly 11 years of service..

Previously co-opted Committee members Marty Climenhaga, Hilde Gronsberg, and Mike Page were formally voted onto the Committee as full members.

A point for discussion at the meeting was a proposal to pursue full Charity status for FoSJP, which the Committee believes is the best way forward to ensure the future of our organisation. More details are expected to follow in the weeks following the AGM.

Volunteer Christmas Celebration - December 2016

Updated: 23rd December 2016

FoSJP is proud of what we achieved in 2016 - we couldn't have done it without our fantastic volunteers, friends, and family - so on Saturday 3rd December, we invited everybody who'd worked with us in the past or during 2016, and anyone who'd be interested in having a chat to us about working with us in the future, to a celebration in the ParkLife Community Room.

We had home‑baked goodies, with mulled wine and hot drinks. We had a lovely time with everyone, and congratulations to our quiz winners!

Photos courtesy of Hilde Gronsberg

We'd like to give a "Thank You" to everyone who came along to celebrate with us on this occasion - here's to a fantastic 2017!

FoSJP AGM 2016 - Tuesday 10th May 2016

Updated: 23rd December 2016

FoSJP held its tenth Annual General Meeting at the ParkLife Community Room at St.James' Park on Tuesday 10th May 2016.

We'd like to thank Tania Emery (Chair), Kaye Barnett (Secretary), and Theresa Bowen (Membership Secretary) who have each stepped down from the Committee. Tania and Theresa had been Committee members since FoSJP's inception 10 years ago.

We'd also like to thank current Committee members Nigel Fayle who has taken on the role of Chair and Julie Catling who has taken on the role of Membership Secretary, and to thank and welcome Marty Climenhaga (who has taken on the role of Secretary) and Mike Page as co‑opted Committee members.

Volunteers Matter... January 2016

Updated: 16th March 2016 FoSJP and the ParkLife Café in St.James' Park

That was the message ‎shared on Saturday 23rd January 2016 when Community Volunteer Coordinator Marina Murphy and FoSJP Treasurer Joanne Clements hosted a volunteers' social event which had kindly been organised by Julie Catling in the ParkLife Community Room.

The evening celebration also marked the beginning of FoSJP's 10th year anniversary.

Volunteers were represented from many areas of FoSJP's activities in and around the Park - Events, Gardening, Maintenance Support, Shirley Local History, Children's Crafts, Dog Behaviour Lessons, Community Games, Sports Clubs, Public Talks, and running the FoSJP voluntary organisation and the ParkLife Community Interest Company (CIC).

From accounting, baking, and bunting making to raking leaves, running a company, or serving tea, everyone's voluntary time is making this well‑used Shirley park a better place. FoSJP and ParkLife volunteers donate about 240 hours a month towards their community; we currently have about 60 volunteers.

FoSJP AGM 2015 - Thursday 14th May 2015

Updated: 24th May 2015

FoSJP held its ninth Annual General Meeting at the ParkLife Community Room at St.James' Park on Thursday 14th May.

We'd like to thank Karen Wardley (Secretary) and Jill Gardner (Membership Secretary) who have stepped down from the Committee after several years of service. Kaye Barnett is taking over as Secretary, while Theresa Bowen has moved from the post of Treasurer after nine years' sterling service and is taking over as Membership Secretary. We'd also like to welcome:

FoSJP AGM 2014 - Wednesday 7th May 2014

Updated: 8th May 2014

FoSJP held its eighth Annual General Meeting at Shirley Parish Hall on Wednesday 7th May 2014.

A Swift Review of 2013 at St.James' Park...

Updated: 2nd April 2014

2013 was another busy year in and around St.James' Park for FoSJP and its various partners:

FoSJP AGM 2013 - Wednesday 15th May 2013

Updated: 14th August 2013

FoSJP held its seventh Annual General Meeting at Shirley Parish Hall on Wednesday 15th May 2013.

FoSJP AGM 2012 - Wednesday 30th May 2012

Updated: 16th May 2015

FoSJP held its sixth Annual General Meeting at Shirley Parish Hall on Wednesday 30th May, with more than 40 members in attendance.

This was Nichola's last AGM as FoSJP Chair, and a presentation was made to her in recognition of the visionary leadership and dedicated service that she had given over FoSJP's six years of existence, including a written tribute from Jon Dyer‑Slade of Southampton City Council, with whom FoSJP has been working to bring about the improvements to St.James' Park.

The evening was rounded off with cheese and wine and informal discussions.

Our thanks go to Johnny Carrington, Martin Caveney, Nichola Caveney, Martin Gardner, Rebecca Kinge, Mike Smith, Trudie Smith, Barrie Worth, and Jayne Worth, who each stepped down as Committee members during 2011‑2012, in some cases after more than 6 years of sterling service.

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