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Wildflower Walk & Talk - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Updated: 13th August 2013

Ox-Eye Daisy

Ox-Eye Daisy

Following last year's successful Medicinal and Edible Plants Walk, Celia Cox was invited back to St.James' Park to lead "A Walk on the Wild Side!".

This year's walk, part of the Plant Party in the Park event, was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and was attended by 8 adults, 2 children (briefly), and one dog!

Using examples found in the Park, Celia again shared how useful wildflower plants have been in times gone by for medicinal and food uses. She also answered questions from FoSJP Gardening Team members on how important individual wildflowers are for insects.

Mike Sanderman from the FoSJP Gardening Team commented:

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"What an interesting walk and presentation by Celia: I had no idea there are so many diverse plants growing in the Park, and I think we probably only scratched the surface. It was also good to see so many insects present on the leaves we looked at; shame it was such a cool blustery day as I would have liked to have seen a few birds and butterflies around. It also seems to me that appreciation of the taste of some of the leaves is an acquired art."

Dan Levene, another attendee, remarked:

"When walking the dog around the perimeter path of St.James' Park I had no idea just how many plants are around the bottom of the sloping banks in what I thought was just overgrown grass and weeds. I will view the plants differently now. Trying to spot the wildflowers definitely makes the dog walking much more interesting."

Many thanks to Celia yet again for a really interesting and informative walk.

All photos on this page by Michaela Lawler‑Levene

Celia demonstrating the properties,
uses, and importance of nettles
Garlic Mustard - demonstrating different parts of the plant including the pod which
contains the mustard-like seeds, and an unidentified insect on the rear of the leaf
Buds about to flowers from the Lime Tree
Plantago media - Hoary Plantain
The East bank, next to St.James' Road Dan using his sense of smell...
...but what is he smelling?
White Clover St.John's Wort (top)
Oregano (bottom)
Ox-Eye Daisies, Ribwort Plantain
Ribwort Plantain; its leaf; the game of flicking off the flower head by wrapping the stem and pulling
Celia in the St.James' Park Local Flora Nature Reserve, with Ox-Eye Daisy, Yarrow
Reseda luteola
(common names Dyer's Rocket,
Dyer's Weed, Weld)
Bedstraw Common Mallow

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