Past Events - Plant Party in the Park

Plant Party in the Park - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Updated: 2nd July 2013

Despite the blustery weather more suited to March, hundreds of people came to St.James' Park to take part in a Plant Party to celebrate the coming of summer!

The Hampshire‑based Voxpop Choir entertained us from underneath the Gazebo with a selection of songs both old and new, whilst families relaxed on the grass. Visitors were also able to take part in a variety of plant‑related activities:

All photos on this page by Dominic Gardner or Michaela Lawler‑Levene

Make a Garden on a Biscuit

Plenty of concentration required... (photos MLL)
...and here are some of the many fine results! (photos DG)

Voxpop Choir

Visit the Voxpop Choir website to find out more! (photos MLL)

Plant Sale and Gardening Team

Thanks to Mayfield Nurseries and the FoSJP Gardening Team for supporting this event (photos MLL)

Leaf Trail and Plant a Seed

(photos MLL)

Face Painting

(photo MLL) (photo DG) (photo MLL)

Wildflower Walk

See our Wildflower Walk & Talk report for more information and photos (photos MLL)

Plant-Based Quiz

Click here to download Plant Quiz If you missed the Plant Party in the Park but would still like to try our Plant-Based Quiz, click the icon to the left to download it.

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