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Party Time! Saturday 4th June 2016

Happy Birthday to Us!

Updated: 19th June 2016

To celebrate both the 10‑year anniversary of FoSJP and the 90th birthday of the Queen, our Community Volunteer Coordinator, Marina Murphy, and her merry volunteers organised a very well‑attended event at St.James' Park. Attractions included:

The music system and sounds were supplied by Phil, his wife, and parents, for which we thank them, and the party bunting was lent by our friends at the Down To Earth Farm.

The ParkLife Café laid on a great BBQ, very popular as always, while the Café and ice creams did a roaring trade - all in all one of their best sales days ever!

Everyone agreed that it was a day to celebrate the way in which our little Park can bring all the different and varied people of Shirley together: the sun shone, the ice lollies and the burgers tasted great, and there was the busy buzz of grown‑ups and children simply having a lovely day, just a short walk from their homes.

Of course, none of this happens without volunteers giving their time and effort, so a big Thank You to all of them, from the many different groups that made the day happen.

Love Your Park? You bet we do!

All photos on this page courtesy of Michaela Lawler‑Levene or Cindy Phillips


Visitors both young and younger decorated themselves for the day with patriotic fingernails, henna tattoos, and face painting...
...and St.James' Park joined in with festive bunting


10 years of FoSJP History


Sharing the history of St.James' Park


FoSJP teamwork in action - selling ice creams, cutting cakes


Queen Elizabeth II was kind enough to let many visitors be photographed with her


Catching up with friends old and new...or just taking it easy


Steam Traction Engine rides around the Park


Some of the many original and topical artworks that were created


"All the people, so many people..."


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