Past Events - St.James' Park Re‑opens!

St.James' Park Re‑opens! - Wednesday 6th July 2011

The calm before the storm...!
(Helen Hazelwood, 5th July 2011)

Michaela Lawler‑Levene recorded first impressions of the new St.James' Park. Click here to play an edited selection of these interviews (duration 8:13).

Updated: 29th July 2011

On the morning of Wednesday 6th July, just over one year since they first moved into the Park, our contractors quietly removed most of the safety fencing to open up the play areas to the public again.

A few lucky passers‑by were able to try out the zipwire and the swings in peace and quiet at lunchtime, and then in the afternoon several waves of children from all the local schools descended on the park en masse to make the most of the new facilities.

We appreciate everyone's patience during the time that the Park has been re‑developed; judging from the reactions so far, most people heartily agree that it's been well worth the wait. We're very lucky indeed that such a considerable investment has been made to restore and improve the Park: we now have probably the best play park in Southampton, and one of the best in Hampshire. We want everyone to enjoy it, but also to appreciate it and to respect all other users and local residents so that we can all enjoy it for many years to come.

Here are a few snapshots of a very busy opening day...

The Young Play Area

Upper Shirley High students test out the Play Towers

(All photographs by Michaela Lawler‑Levene, 6th July 2011)

All together, one at a time...

The Café Plaza

The Play Towers and the Water Feature

The Games Area and the ParkLife Café

The ParkLife Café

The Botanical Walk

The Tennis Courts

The Climbing Wall and Basketball Court

The Slide into the Water Feature

The Outdoor Gym - fresh air included and it's all free!

The Climbing Wall and Basketball Court

The Shelter in the Games Area

"All the people, so many people..." How true!

The Zipwire

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