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Community Activities at St.James' Park

Updated: 17th March 2014

Welcome to our new Community Activities pages. These replace our previous Volunteering & Training pages, and are being expanded to cover activities by other local organisations in and around St.James' Park. Visit our...

Our Community Volunteer Coordinator - Marina Murphy

Updated: 24th December 2013

Marina Murphy was appointed as FoSJP's part‑time Community Volunteer Coordinator on Monday 4th November 2013. Marina says:

photo of Marina
Marina Murphy
Community Volunteer Coordinator

This post is funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation.
"I found my life's vocation within weeks of joining my previous employer, an independent charity, as a volunteer. Many years of working with disadvantaged young people alongside supporting, mentoring and managing volunteers has provided me with a breadth of vocational and life skills. After over 20 years in the field I am still passionate about working with volunteers and really believe in the benefits of doing so. I have seen so many people gaining skills, experience, confidence, friends, a new vocation, a purpose or simply something to do through volunteering."

"You may have seen me hanging around in St.James' Park over the last few months as part of my voluntary work with the Coxford & District Youth Project. I will be working part‑time as the Community Volunteer Coordinator, based in the office behind the ParkLife Café a couple of days a week so please ask for me if there is anything you would like to ask about volunteering. If I'm not in just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can."

"I am very much looking forward to continuing the great work that has already been done and am open to ideas and suggestions so please get in touch."
Marina is usually in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays - you can email her via or leave her a message on 023 8077 9763 and she'll get back to you as soon as she can.

Marina's predecessor Jan Carr was our Community Coordinator from May 2012 through September 2013 - our best wishes and thanks go to Jan for the contributions that she made during that time to St.James' Park and our community.

Dementia Friends - our Local Champion!

Updated: 20th January 2018

Dementia Friends [external site]

Dementia Friends is a social action movement that aims to improve society's understanding of dementia through just five key messages. There are thousands of Dementia Friends Champions - we're very pleased to announce that our Community Volunteer Coordinator, Marina Murphy, is now one of them.

As a Dementia Friends Champion, Marina will spread these messages to friends, family, and members of our community through Information Sessions which are filled with activities and discussions. She'll give you everything you need - just bring your enthusiasm!

FoSJP is also part of a Shirley Dementia Friendly Community, so Marina becoming a Champion will help us to spread the word. So please look out for Information Sessions or contact Marina on or leave a message on 023 8077 9763.

For general information, support, and advice about dementia, please visit

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation - August 2017

Updated: 16th August 2017

HIWCF logo In August 2017, FoSJP was awarded £1000 by Comic Relief via the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation - this funding enabled us to continue running theSerendipity Social Groupin the ParkLife Community Room every other Tuesday. Comic Relief logo

Bringing Communities Together in Shirley

Updated: 25th March 2017

FoSJP is running a Bringing Communities Together in Shirley project:

"Our aim is to involve new members of the community in designing, organising, and running events that would take place in St.James' Park. Be they from local businesses, PCSOs, voluntary organisations, local residents, or Park users, it would endeavour to bring people together from the local community, whatever their socio⁢economic status, culture, ability, age, nationality, belief system, or which side of the Park they live on. It would potentially give opportunities to share different culture, music, activities, sport, and experiences of life, thus enhancing empathy and understanding of people's differences and also highlight our similarities."

Tesco Bags of Help - February 2017

Our Bringing Communities Together in Shirley project was one of three projects on Tesco's local shortlist for February 2017's Bags of Help initiative, a monthly funding scheme which sees grants of up to £5,000 - all raised from the 5p bag charge levied on single‑use carrier bags - being awarded to local outdoor community projects.

During February 2017, Tesco customers could vote for their chosen project, using a token given to them at the check‑out each time they shopped. Our project was voted second place and was awarded a grant of £2,000.

A big "Thank You" to Tesco and to everyone who voted for our project!

DP World - February 2017

Updated: 13th February 2017

DP World logo In February 2017, DP World Southampton very kindly awarded FoSJP and ParkLife £5,000 as a contribution towards making our organisation sustainable.

As well as this money, they also agreed to provide their staff with opportunities throughout the year to volunteer to help with Café maintenance and to support fundraising events.

"As part of DP World's ‘Our World, Our Future’ programme, we have made a global commitment to support the local community and charities where we operate to help build a vibrant, secure and resilient society."

Nick Loader, Chief Executive Officer, DP World Southampton

Wave 105 "Cash for Kids" - February 2017

Updated: 13th February 2017

Wave 105 logo In Feburary 2017, we were awarded £3,450 by Wave 105's Cash for Kids project, to provide opportunities for hard to reach and disadvantaged young people to have access to a youth club and/or sports sessions.

The Breeze Community Kickstart Fund - November 2016

Updated: 2nd November 2016

Community Kickstart logo In November 2016, we received a donation of £250 from The Breeze's Community Kickstart fund, to go towards the costs of our Parents' Emotional First Aid support group.

Big Lottery Fund Grant - September 2016

Updated: 20th September 2016

Big Lottery Fund logo In September 2016, we were awarded a grant of £9,900 from the "Celebrate England" Big Lottery Fund to help us deliver a multi‑cultural community event in St.James' Park, giving local people opportunities to share different food, cultures, music, activities, and life experiences.

Visit the Big Lottery Fund website to find out more!

Volunteers Wanted for Tuck Shop

Updated: 17th May 2014

ParkLife logo Do you have any spare time...?
We're looking for volunteers to run a Tuck Shop at St.James' Park, selling sweets and ice creams, after school for a couple of hours and during the school holidays. We're looking for an adult to run it and we'd also like a young person to help.

This would be a great way of gaining work experience and offering something to the many young people who come into the Park.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested, please contact our Community Volunteer Coordinator, Marina Murphy, via or on 023 8077 9763.

"No Name" Youth Group

HIWCF logo
Sport Relief logo
Comic Relief logo

Updated: 13th December 2014

May 2014

We had good news in May 2014 when it was announced that the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation had awarded FoSJP a very generous £1000 of Sport Relief funding to start up a youth group for local young people with autism.

The group is called "No Name" - chosen by the young people that attend - and runs in the ParkLife Community Room on Wednesday evenings. It is specifically for young people who have High Functioning Autism or Asperger's Syndrome and who attend the schools around St.James' Park. These young people can become increasingly isolated when they reach their teens - this project is a great example of working in partnership for a very worthy cause.

Update, December 2014

We're delighted to announce that we've now been awarded another grant from Comic Relief through the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation, which will enable us to run the group for another year!

This is a joint initiative between FoSJP, the Coxford & District Youth Project, and Autism Hampshire.
FoSJP logo CDYP logo Autism Hampshire logo
If you know of a young person who might benefit from attending this youth group, please contact Mandy Stoddart on 07956 626791.

A Boost for St.James' Park!

In partnership with

Lankelly Chase logo

Updated: 3rd November 2013

In Feburary 2012 trust fund Lankelly Chase agreed to pay for a 3‑year project to help local residents participate in a variety of activities in St.James' Park. The money is helping to pay for a part‑time Community Volunteer Coordinator whose role is to encourage people to get involved in volunteering and to set up training opportunities.

The project is a joint initiative between FoSJP and ParkLife, the Community Interest Company which runs the Park's Café and Community Room. There are opportunities for people from all age groups to become involved in the Park, including joining the FoSJP Gardening Team, setting up sports activities, researching Shirley's history, helping at Park events, and volunteering in the Café.

Rebecca Kinge, a volunteer for FoSJP and ParkLife, said:

"This money will make a real difference to what we can achieve. With a paid worker, we can get more people involved in our much-loved park. In particular we will be encouraging people who might need a bit of support, such as the long‑term unemployed, young people with few qualifications, or people with health issues, to help them develop their own confidence and skills."

ParkLife opened its community‑owned café in July 2011 year as part of the Park's major refurbishment. The Community Room in the café building offers a venue for clubs, educational courses, and young people's drop‑ins. The Community Volunteer Coordinator will be encouraging local people to come up with ideas for activities and help get them up and running.

The grant also allows FoSJP to facilitate information and advice drop‑ins in the café building. FoSJP is looking for partner organisations with expertise in this area to help them deliver a first‑class service to people in the greatest need.

If you are a potential volunteer, another agency delivering services to local residents, or just want to know more, please contact our Community Volunteer Coordinator, Marina Murphy, at

If you want to give your support to what FoSJP is doing, or have other comments, please join FoSJP's Facebook Page.

The Park Loves Volunteers! Friday 14th February 2013

Updated: 23rd February 2013

Valentine's Day was the perfect day to say "Thank You" and show some love to the long list of wonderful people who have volunteered at St.James' Park over 2012‑2013. Twenty‑five volunteers in all dropped in and enjoyed tea, coffee, and a Valentine's cupcake from Love Cake in St.James Road. Everyone who came received a thank you card and a small thank you gift designed especially for St.James' Park volunteers by Kate Woodley‑Smith.

It was also a really good opportunity for volunteers to meet each other and find out what they do. It was surprising how many people didn't know each other. It was a lovely sociable time..

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