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The ParkLife Community Room

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Community Room, Play in the Park! event, July 2011
(photo courtesry of Martin Caveney)

Updated: 16th March 2014

As well as a Café, the building in St.James' Park houses a Community Room, which is also operated by ParkLife.

The Community Room opened for business on 17th July 2011, and can be hired out by individuals for birthday parties, by community organisations and educational groups for activities and training, or by private organisations.

Community organisations can also hire out the room in conjunction with organised events in St.James' Park, for example to provide safe storage during an event, for a wet weather option, or as a venue for related indoor activities.

Visit our Community Groups page to see a range of groups who meet regularly in the Community Room.


The Community Room has a floor area of 20m2 and a combination of tables and chairs offering different layouts according to requirements e.g:

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For all hirings, a catering service is available from the ParkLife Café, and ParkLife can also offer the use of a ceiling-mounted projector with a 1.5m screen.

Hire Times & Charges

The Community Room is available for hire during normal working hours. A discount hire rate is normally available for registered charities or other constituted community organisations.

To find out about hiring the Community Room and catering options from the ParkLife Café, please contact ParkLife on 023 8077 9763 (Mon‑Sun, 9am‑5pm) and ask to speak to the Café Manager.

Community Feedback

Updated: 4th October 2016

One of the many users of our ParkLife Community Room is the SEEDS Southampton Home Education group, who gave us this feedback:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and FoSJP very much for all your support of SEEDS. The Community Room has been an invaluable resource for local and hard to reach home‑educating families and has enabled SEEDS to establish a book club, first aid club and weekly discussion groups for teens. SEEDS will endeavour to work closely with Jennette [our ParkLife Café Manager at that time] in order to help ensure the smooth running of Tuesday afternoons for all groups involved. Please do also ask us if you feel that we could support FoSJP in any other way. We value this community resource and would like to help it achieve success into the future."

February 2015

The organiser of an Art Exhibition held in the Community Room gave us this feedback:

"As a group of 8 local artists, we mounted our first exhibition in the Community Room over the August bank holiday. It was a great experience. The Community Room was the perfect size for us, and the clean white walls and skylights made it a beautiful space to show off our paintings. Jennette [ the ParkLife Café Manager at that time], was very helpful when we first approached her and very flexible, letting us visit and measure the room as our plans progressed. We had to provide our own stands to display the artworks, but there were tables and chairs available to complete the room setup. Posters were put up all round the Park well in advance to advertise the show."

"When the show was open, all the Café staff were supportive and positive and made a great contribution to the smooth running of the exhibition. We were able to put up lots of signs to attract passers by including people who were visiting the Park, and the Café next door was a big attraction for our visitors. The room was busy nearly all the time and we made more sales than we had expected."

"We all felt this was the perfect location for our exhibition and hope to be able to book it again next year. Many thanks for all the support from the ParkLife Café!"

August 2016

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