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The ParkLife Café - Opened July 2011

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ParkLife Café, St.James' Park

Updated: 8th April 2017

The Café in St.James' Park is operated by ParkLife, a community interest company established by FoSJP to run the Café and Community Room as a social enterprise.

Any surplus profits made by ParkLife will be given to FoSJP who will use the money to further improve park facilities and services for the community.

The Café opened for business on 15th July 2011, replacing the popular volunteer‑run FoSJP Kiosk which operated in the Park from 2006 to 2010.

Panaroma of ParkLife Café
ParkLife Café, interior
Did You Know...?
If every member of FoSJP bought one coffee each week, this would ensure that the Café made enough money to cover its operating costs over the winter.

Opening Hours

The Café has an indoor area with 16 seats, and an outdoor covered terrace with 14 seats. It's open every day including weekends, offering a variety of good quality, freshly prepared food and drinks to suit most tastes and budgets.

Seasonal Opening Hours

  1 Apr - 30 Sep 1 Oct - 31 Mar
Monday - Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm 10.00am - 4.30pm

Food is served up to 30 minutes before closing time.

We may close early on occasions if it's exceptionally quiet or during bad weather!

Details are subject to change - for up‑to‑date opening times and the latest menu information, please visit the Café!

Laura, our Café Manager

Meet our Café Manager

Our Café Manager, Laura Trotter, took over from her predecessor Jennette in October 2016.

Before joining ParkLife, Laura had several years' experience in retail management, and is looking forward to working in a community‑based environment.

Next time you're in St.James' Park, please drop into the Café and say "Hello" to Laura!

Volunteers Needed

If you have a spare couple of hours free and would like to be involved with helping to run a friendly community café, please get in touch with Marina or Laura on 023 8077 9763 or marina.murphy@fosjp.org.uk for more information.

We'd love to hear from you!

Reading in the Park - Secondhand Books Wanted

The Café is looking to fill its bookshelf with secondhand books, particularly children's books. These books will be available free of charge or for a small donation if people can manage it.

Please bring along any unwanted books to the Café during normal opening hours - thank you!

What's Happening in and around Southampton?

In December 2014 the Café became a pick‑up point for the popular The AND Guide, a free newspaper dedicated to all things entertainment‑related in and around Southampton.

Next time you're in the Café, why not pick up a copy?
The AND Guide logo

Café Break‑in - The Community Rallied Around

Updated: 7th February 2015

We had some very sad news in July 2014 - on the night of Sunday 13th, just days before it celebrated its third anniversary, the Café suffered a major break‑in.

Money that had been collected to support activities for local young people was taken, along with several important items of equipment; much of the interior of the building was damaged; and one of the main Café windows decorated with bespoke heritage artwork was destroyed.

However, we were thrilled at the positive response from the local community. Shirley resident Joanne Craig very kindly set up a Just Giving page to support the Café, which raised an astonishing £1770. Further donations were also received from, among others:

Click here for larger image

In total, £2400 was raised, which was used to install further CCTV and security systems in the Café building (which helped the Police to identify some people who were being a little troublesome), to make day‑to‑day improvements to the Café for everyone, and to support further community projects in St.James' Park.

One of the volunteers who works in the Café produced a poster (above right) to capture the positive response and comments from the local community about the Café - click on the picture to see a larger version.

A huge "Thank You!" to everyone who helped to ensure the future of this wonderful community asset, and to the ParkLife Café staff and volunteers for all that they do.
We'd also like to thank Premier Fire Security who generously gave ParkLife a substantial discount on normal prices for the CCTV installation. Premier Fire Security logo

Dig for Victory Menu - June 2014

Updated: 12th June 2014

To complement FoSJP's marking of the 70th anniversary of the D‑Day landings this June, the Café offered a special Dig For Victory menu with a different wartime special each day in the week leading up to Friday 6th June, including wartime staples such as:
  • Lord Woolton Pie
  • Rabbit Stew
  • Wartime Salad
  • Ration Book Bangers & Mash
  • Leftovers Soup
  • Spam Fritters
photo of Lord Woolton Pie
Click on the photo to find out how
Lord Woolton Pie got its name

Other Services

Updated: 12th May 2012

The Café has a fully functional catering kitchen which is used to supply freshly cooked food for the Café and for users of the Community Room. Future plans for the kitchen include the provision of:

Visit our History Stories page to find out the difference that the Café has made to some local people.

ParkLife Café Sponsors

Updated: 12th May 2012

HLF logo SCC logo FoSJP logo
DP World logo The commercial standard catering equipment in the Café was purchased with the help of very generous donations to FoSJP of:
  • £20,000 from DP World;
  • £2,500 from the Development Trusts Association, which is now part of Locality.
Locality logo
FoSJP is not involved in the day‑to‑day running of the Café - please address any queries about either the Café or the Community Room directly to ParkLife.

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